3 Simple Steps to Convert your PDF Document to Word

If you work with documents on the everyday basis, you’ve probably faced the problem when there are no convenient websites for converting images into texts. Today we’ll show you how Onlineocr works and what this service is.

No matter whether you’re a student or an employee, you deal with different documents quite often. Sometimes people send inconvenient PDFs which are impossible to copy and highlight. So a service which can convert PDF to Word becomes a must-have.

Onlineocr is a great variant

The service which we want to show you is called Onlineocr. It was created 9 years ago, and it provides users with the following features:

– Converting document of different formats without registration, so there’re some limits;

– Almost unlimited conversion of files after the registration;

– Bonus program allowing to get free pages and discounts.

What to do to get an editable text?

Step 1 – Upload a file in one of 8 available formats.

Step 2 – Choose the language out of 46 and set an output format.

Step 3 – Press on a converting button and wait for the result.

The limits

The maximum size of every file is 15 Mb, for images, it’s 200 Mb. Without registration, one may convert 15 files per hour and only 15 pages in documents containing many pages. The best resolution for images is 200-400 DPI.

Bonuses and gifts

One can get about 3200 free pages and a 10% discount if:

– You share a direct link in social media;

– Write an article about the service;

– Make a video-tutorial;

– Invite friends.

So, there’s no need for asking someone to retype the text or do it yourself. Save your time and nerves and become more productive with Onlineocr.

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