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Inventory Appraisal

is extremely beneficial to you should your home be the victim of a catastrophic event such as fire, act of nature or theft.


A fully certified personal property appraiser will visit your home or business and provide full documentation of key assets and assign fair market value.


Our standard Home Contents & Inventory Appraisal rates are no different than any other appraisal that we conduct.

Upon our FREE initial consultation we will assess your inventory and provide you with our fees up front to ensure there is no surprises.

We are confident that you will find that our professional services are prompt and cost effective for you.


When we have completed your appraisal, refer us to your friends and family and we'll pay you a lucrative referral fee for each appraisal that we conduct.


Contact your fully certified appraiser at (248) 473-1547 or email us at: Productionline@msn.com




How would you like to be one of those folks that just discovered an old piece of "junk" is actually worth a small fortune?

Have you ever really taken a look at what's laying around your home? What exactly do you have tucked away in a cluttered closet, the attic, basement or even at the garage sale down the street? It's a fact, that many household items can, in fact, be worth hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Such items include; furniture, antiques, collectibles, sports memorabilia, autographs, books & magazines, tools, clocks, watches and the totally unassuming such as bicycle reflectors, links of old barb wire, ball point pens, baseball bats and Pez dispensers!

If you have a house full of clutter or Aunt Martha's precious salt & pepper shaker collection, it's time that you contact professional Michigan appraiser, Ken Lindsay, CPPA to evaluate the contents of your estate for an appraisal service that will certainly give you a piece of mind and maybe even a fortune. Don't be one of those 'victims' that sold a piece of "junk" only to find it on the Antique's Roadshow several months later.

We are one of the few fully certified Personal Property appraisers in the State of Michigan and it's time to put your mind at ease for a professional appraisal.

Take these few examples into consideration.

  • A 1969 Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beach Bomb, a bus with surfboards on the back, can be worth $30,000.
  • An early Raggedy Ann Doll from the 1920's could be worth $4,000
  • Are you arranging flowers in your retirement fund? A Marblehead Pottery vase sold for a record-breaking $121,000
  • Pot of gold in your kitchen? An old Griswold #1 skillet can sell for $4,000
  • How much for an old Mills "Black Bart" slot machine? $4,405
  • A John F. Kennedy campaign button can be worth $350.00
  • Old circus advertisement can be worth hundreds of dollars
  • Old American flags? Sotheby's sold one for $21,500
  • A first edition of Dr. Seuss' "The Cat in the Hat," can be worth up to $2,500
  • Bottoms up, up, up! A 1941 Clipper Pale Beer can sold at auction for $19,299.99
  • A Steuben Vase circa 1904-1930 is valued around $4,000
  • Got an early Thomas Edison fan in your attic? Dust it off and cash it in for around $4,000
  • Are you playing cards on a pile of money? A Federal parcel-gilt mahogany games table sold at auction for $32,400
  • Double-check your sewing box! Ketcham & McDougal thimbles from the early 1900s are worth up to $1,000
  • Beatle mania lives! Got a set of 14" 1964 nodders? How about $15,000 for the set! The 8" nodders run $400
  • An authentic "Route 66" sign can sell for around $300
  • Cash 'em in! Ordinary chips from defunct casinos can haul in $1,000 each!
  • What's in your dresser? A hammered copper Roycroft box sold for $14,000
  • Ordinary Russell Wright desks made at mid-century for Conantball can fetch up to $450.00 on today's market
  • Vintage ski resort posters are sizzling! A 1938 poster (art by Sascha Maurer) sold for $5,000
  • You know those old hockey sticks you used to hold up your tomato plants in the garden? Hopefully you did not use a Northland Custom Pro hockey stick with 'Howe' stamped on the shaft. If you did, you just destroyed a genuine Gordie Howe game-used stick from the Detroit Red Wings which is valued at $2,250.00. Hope the tomato was good.
  • Pass the ether! A 10th century doctor's "amputation set," complete with finger saws, bone forceps and other goodies, is valued at $4,000
  • Many applied ornament and guilded picture frames from the late 1800s are works of art in themselves. Value: Up to $18,000
  • If you own a complete Amberina covered punch bowl set, you could be serving drinks with a $3,000 treasure!
  • Got old magazines laying around? More than likely is a stack of money laying there collecting dust.
  • Are you having Thanksgiving dinner on an original Dunkin Phyfe dining room table? If so, remember to count your blessings, about 250 thousand of them!

A sheet of 100 Inverted Jenny stamps went through presses backward when they were printed in 1918, creating an upside-down airplane image. This stamp is valued at $200,000

The valuation of assets is of crucial importance to our clients. American Eagle's abilities and experience in valuing a wide-range of antique collectibles and estate contents, provides for accurate and timely appraisals.

American Eagle Auction Company is one of Michigan's only companies who are actually certified in the specialized field of professional personal property appraising. We follow the guidelines of the USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) which is accepted and recognized standards of appraisal practice in the United States of America.

American Eagle's experience encompasses a vast number of industries and companies, from insurance agencies to antique shops; attorneys to individuals. American Eagle's valuations are used to resolve personal property estate issues, insurance documentation, and for client curiosity. Our experienced staff of certified appraisers, large resource library, and extensive network of industry connections, all add to the professional valuation services we offer our clients.

Johnny Carson Authentic Autographed Photograph
Appraised at $350.00

A professional evaluation of household goods, limited edition products, furniture, depression era glass, antiques, sporting memorabilia conducted by a certified appraiser may be conducted. In addition to, American Eagle Auction Company also has a full time Forensic Document Examiner and certified appraiser of autographed memorabilia on our staff.


1965-1966 Topps Gordie Howe '600 Goals' Hockey Card
Appraised at $225.00 (Excellent-NR-MT condition)

Our fees for our certified appraisal services and consultations are $75.00 per hour payable by personal check, money order, cash and all major credit cards to American Eagle Auction Company at the time of service. Where necessary, we can provide you an estimate so there are no surprises.

1939 Cunard Steam Ship Sailing Schedule
Appraised at $150.00

Keep in mind that there is no charge for the appraisal and consultation service in the event where you would like to consign your appraised merchandise for auction with American Eagle Auction Company. This exception is providing that our company finds your items appropriate for auction.

Animated auction bidder
Appraised at PRICELESS!

Another option that you may find beneficial is our ability to provide you a prompt and efficient appraisal right here on the Internet! If you would like to utilize this cost efficient service, please visit our exclusive 'Cyberworth Network' for online appraisals and authentications. Click here to view one of our ONLINE SAMPLE APPRAISALS

1957 Sports Illustrated with Detroit Red Wings Ted Lindsay & Gordie Howe
Appraised at $45.00

To utilize our appraisal and authentication services, please feel free to contact our office through telephone at (248) 473-1547 or via email at: American Eagle Auction Company. Furthermore, please take a few minutes and read our 'Frequently Asked Questions on Appraisals' link as we feel this may be helpful to you.

1948 Walt Disney Personal Check (hand signed)
Appraised at: $2,200.00



We have provided hundreds of professional appraisals for Farm Bureau Insurance, Attorneys, the Estate of Marco Pesci and Italia Jewlers, Teamsters Local 2000, Estates of former Detroit Red Wings Hall of Fame greats and hundreds of customers just like you.


True story!

In June 2004 a client contacted us to appraise some furnishing's in her deceased father's home. Five minutes into the visit, I asked our client about the giant dumpster sitting in front of the home. She replied, "Oh just a bunch of junk my dad had laying around." I took a little walk inside the dumpster and moved a few boxes, turned around and asked the client to call her two sons. I spent 2 hours being the 'Dumpsite Foreman' while I identified and sifted out approximately $1,000 worth of antique collectibles.

The moral of the story?



Oh Deer!

Appraise for insurance. You never know when disaster may strike.
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