Best free games for iOS

It is difficult to find a good free game today. Almost all cool apps are quite expensive, and those that do not ask for money for downloading, start to do this through the game-in purchases. Manamonster represents you TOP free games for iPhone, which are unconditionally exciting, interesting and do not bother with advertisements.
The game, which instantly became iconic after the presentation of the browser version, is also available for download on iPhone. The classic scenario is saved: you start your journey in the form of a small dot. The task is to eat as many other players as possible, increasing in size. The more your area becomes, the slower you will move in space. There are built-in purchases, but they are not imposed by the creators, and full gameplay is available, even if you do not spend a cent on
2. Crossy Road
This game is wonderful for several reasons. Firstly, the graphics will certainly cause you to have nostalgic feelings – 8-bit in a new way looks very cool. Secondly, the simple task of crossing the road becomes more difficult from level to level. Add funny characters, unexpected bonuses and subtle irony that pervades the whole story to this and you will get one of the best games on iTunes. What’s nice, additional heroes can be obtained both for money and for free.
3. 1010!
One of the most addictive games of this list looks like Tetris in a new way. The task is to put blocks to shorten the lines on the screen and to prevent the space from being completely filled with colored cubes. The minimalistic time-killer has only one drawback: the free version implies the demonstration of advertising, but the developers promise to reduce its amount.
4. The Silent Age
Allow yourself to plunge into an amazing world, a mixture of the era of the 70’s and the post-apocalyptic future. You have to play for Joe – an absolutely mediocre guy who needs to go all the way and to become the hope of humanity. It will be very difficult to make it, because your hero does not have an outstanding mind or physical strength. There will be only a thick mustache, a mysterious atmosphere around and a desire to survive.