Bestmixer Brief Review – Features and Details

Bestmixer is a special program helping cryptocurrency earners to send and receive money without being noticed by government or cybercriminals. The website is very bright and informative so let’s see what they offer.

Start Mixing!

To become a user you need to press only one button. Then, choose one of 3 available coins (the forth, Ethereum, will be there too) bitcoin laundry and start filling in the necessary information. You need to put the recipient’s address, the fund you want to mix the coins with and the delay of transaction. Pay attention to the fees which are different depending on the type and amount of coins. All the prices are in a “Fee” section.

Funds for mixing

Bestmixer users can choose the suitable mixing reserve due to their statuses. Alpha Pool is the best variant for transactions between two clients. It uses only clients’ money. Beta Pool consists of coins from the first pool plus private reserves which are formed by investors. Gamma Pool doesn’t have coins from Alpha Pool, it’s fully formed out of investments.

Guarantees of anonymity

The most important option is that order page is deleted in 24 hours so nobody can find the addresses. Also, it’s a Tor-friendly service which is SSL secured. These details are important in light of recent events when money is stolen and government punishes for cryptocurrency operations.

Of course, these are not everything we want to tell you about Bestmixer. So stay tuned to be aware of updates and changes in cryptocurrency world.

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