Auctioneer Kenny Lindsay was featured in the December 2001 issue of eBay magazine as one of the World's Top eBay Power Sellers!










Successful Selling on

One-on-One Professional Training

Learn the MUCH MORE than just the fundamentals of selling on the world's most popular online marketplace, eBay. eBay continues to be the web site and place where millions of users buy and sell millions of items ranging from used golf balls to real estate.

We did not jump on the bandwagon - we helped build it. We take pride in the fact that we recognized eBay as a valuable buying and selling tool way before it was a household name. To be exact, we joined eBay back on March 2, 1997 and the rest is history!

It was us that proved to the world that there is much more to becoming successful on eBay than just a few points and clicks. Despite the fact that MILLIONS of people are signed up with eBay (40,000 folks sign up with eBay every day!) NOT everyone is successful.

Despite this, we beat the odds and it was eBay themselves that recognized us in the December 2001 issue of eBay magazine as one of the WORLD'S TOP EBAY POWERSELLERS! Now how many ebay 'experts' can make that claim?

The point to the matter is this. Successful people know the importance of working smarter - not harder and this is where I come into play. There is a strategy to becoming successful on ebay which millions fail to recognize.

If you're serious about becoming successful on eBay then I strongly recommend that you go into the game with a coach. Auctions are my sole profession and ebay is one important tool that I use to maximize the success of my clients.

I do not offer books, guides, CD's or out-of-date videos. What I do offer is my undivided attention as your personal eBay coach at a rate that ANYBODY can afford.

As your personal ebay coach, I will stop out to your home or place of business to get you set up with eBay. From there, I will explain how the system works and answer any and all questions that you have.

As your exclusive eBay coach, I will show you how to best sell your items and create a successful eBay "Profile" for consistent, maximum profits. You'll discover tips and techniques that are used to get top dollar for your collectibles and other items for sale.



Learn how to sell on the world's largest and most successful marketplace
Understand how to maximize profits on eBay
Learn to build a successful online "profile"
Gain basic online selling skills
Learn to become a successful eBay-er

Individuals looking to supplement their income with a part-time business
People who want to make money selling stuff they no longer want Retail store owners and managers looking for an alternative distribution channel
People wanting to build a small online business selling collectibles.


What is ?

Why eBay is so Successful
Why you should sell on eBay
eBay vs. other online marketplaces

Creating Seller's Account

Necessary info
Payment alternatives
Registration Preparing to Sell
Product research and listing strategy
Product sources
Knowing the eBay "Market" Selling your product or item
Listing fee schedule
Choosing category
Title selection
Writing an effective description
Including a photo
Auction duration
Starting price
The "Reserve" Concept
How "Buy It Now" works
Shipping U.S. vs Worldwide
Payment Options
Category Featured
Selling Tips and Tricks
Relisting Unsold Items Monitoring Listings
Keeping an eye on the action
Answering inquiries

Closing the Sale

Contacting the buyer
Collecting payment
Packaging and Shipping
Leaving Feedback eBay Invoicing
Paying eBay fees
Money Management


One-on-one coaching fee with Certified professional auctioneer, Kenny Lindsay is $65.00 an hour with one free 15 minute follow-up phone consultation.

Contact Certified auctioneer, Ken Lindsay today to schedule Successful Selling on eBay by calling anytime at: (248) 473-1547 or email us


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