Estimate Cryptocurrency to Earn More Than Others Using a Special Service

The secret of being successful in knowing a little bit more than the others. Using you’ll get everything for comparing coins and choosing the most profitable of them. Experts’ opinion, users’ comments, and real facts are waiting for you.

The key to earning more is having more knowledge than other people. ICO Catalog, a service which we are talking about today, is this very platform to broaden one’s mind about crypto. Here is a little review on the mentioned website.

What is it about?

ICO Catalog was created in 2018 as cryptocurrency became very popular and a lot of types of coins appeared. The developers understand, how hard it is to choose the most profitable crypto for investment and made an ICOs rating. In this catalog, there are 293 kinds of crypto which are estimated in different indexes and can be compared by pressing on tick buttons.

Which indexes are there?

The numbers one sees in a table aren’t random. So the categories for comparison are:
– Traffic;
– Backlinks;
– Evaluation;
– Activity;
– Potency;
– Messages;
– EAP.
All of them are taken on average per 30 days.

Why is this catalog the one to use?

The mentioned service is good to recommend to you because of the following advantages:
– To give a mark to coin, this service accumulates experts’ opinion, users’ comments, and objective facts. As a result, the information isn’t biased.
– Everyone can add a new crypto to the list by filling in a special form in a “Publish ICO” section.
– Useful articles about ICO will help all newcomers.

So, ICO Catalog is a good service. Just give it a try and understand how helpful it is.

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