Professional fundraising auctioneer, Ken Lindsay has recently accomplished another significant milestone in the auction industry.

In April of 2007, Ken Lindsay along with partner, Scott Vander Kolk, Jr. completed an extensive Benefit Auction Specialist training through the NAA in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the time of their graduation, the duo joins the list of less than a 100 worldwide that has acheived this important benefit auction designation.

FAST FACT! In April of 2007 professional auctioneer's, Ken Lindsay and Scott Vander Kolk are the only two certified Benefit Auction Specialist in the entire State of Michigan


Auctioneer, Ken Lindsay with Detroit Tigers Curtis Granderson

See professional auctioneer, Ken Lindsay in action at the end of a very historic and record breaking performance with Detroit Tigers, Curtis Granderson in attendance.

"...when I heard the news regarding how much money was raised at our Parent Recognition Luncheon and Auction, I was simply amazed.  Our Woodward Academy family in now more enriched because of your skills as an auctioneer.....Kenny, you are the greatest!"
-Georgia Hubbard, PhD
Woodward Academy

"His auctioneering skills get the highest marks from us.   He was fun, lively and judged the room well.  We raised a substantial amount more at the auction because of Mr. Lindsay and his crew than we would have otherwise."
-Carly Stevens, Junior League of Ann Arbor (Michigan)  

"Thanks Ken! You are the best! You were the reason we made lots of money!"
-Lyn, Coalition of Temporary Shelter

"Ken's performance was remarkable! His enthusiasm was infectious along with his optimism and good humor. We simply could not have made a better choice."
Harry Baker, Girlstown Foundation

"Ken, we are sooooooo looking forward to our next auction!! You made an awesome addition this year and we can't wait to let the parents know you are booked for 2007!!
-Lisa Rance, Macomb Christian Schools

"Thank you so much!!!!! You were fantastic and I heard a lot of good things about how you really brought the fundraiser to life! It was actually fascinating to see you at work!!"
-Patty Schneider, Chairman for the Chimpouoras Benefit Auction
August 2007



Fundraising auctions accounted for $14.6 billion dollars in the auction industry in 2005 according to a Morepace study.

Instead of hiring a local celebrity as in the past, many groups are learning that the professional auctioneer can raise more money, provide greater entertainment and protect the organization from problems and legal liabilities that can occur from an amateur's ignorance of how to run a fundraising auction.

Professional and fully certified auctioneer, Ken Lindsay is your full service source for benefit, corporate and golf outing fundraising auctions. We are experienced, accredited and accomplished fundraising consultants and auctioneers.

In March of 2005, auctioneer Ken Lindsay was featured on the front page of the Detroit News & Free Press discussing the financial success that a professionally operated live auction event can practically guarantee local charities.

There is no better way to create additional enthusiasm to maximize revenues for your fundraising event than a live auction! Live auctions create an enthusiastic and friendly competition among your guests ensuring an event to be surely remembered.

As professionals, we understand how crucial fundraising events are to your organization. Typically, fundraising events for non profit charitable organizations are the number one annual revenue generating gathering of the year. The auction method of opportunity is there, you're going for the gold and you need results.

We offer you one of the main ingredients of the solution to get you there! Let us be your guide and take your hand to help your worthy cause get to the peak. We've been there before. The fact remains, a live auction at your next event has the potential to generate THOUSANDS of extra dollars for your cause and that's the bottom line.

So what exactly should your live auction feature? American Eagle Auction Company are proven professionals able to assist you in selecting goods to use in your next charitable event perfectly suited to your organization needs. After all, why should you speculate as to which products will be most appealing to your broadcast audience?

Allow us to take your fundraising event to the next level with our professional innovative techniques. You have everything to gain.

Lindsay's auctioneering team was requested to conduct the live auction for the prestigious MBGHA annual banquet in April of 2000. After countless hours of a well structured marketing and auction plan, the MBGHA was overwhelmed to report the finest and most successful money making auction in the association's 16 year history! This is just one of the many accolades that Lindsay's company has accomplished.

Lindsay's contributions to the following nonprofit fundraising auctions include;

Muscular Dystrophy Association

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Junior League of Ann Arbor

Woodward Academy

Rick Larimore Memorial

Woodward Academy

Coalition of Temporary Shelter (COTS)

Livingston County Child Abuse Prevention

Michigan Big Game Hunters Association

Safari Club International

DeLeon Annual Scholarship Fundraiser

Make- A- Difference (MAD)


Betty Loher Leukemia Fundraiser

Northville Preschool

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Shiner's Hospital's of Michigan

Stepping Stone

American Cancer Society- Cattle Barons Ball at the Michigan State Fairgrounds

Habitat for Humanity

Douglas Kruszewski Memorial

Let the Children Play

The Great Lakes Coca~Cola Collectors Club

Camp Sancta Maria

Jewish Community Center- West Bloomfield, Michigan

Girlstown Foundation

St. Joseph Parish

Brighton Chamber of Commerce

Macomb Christian Schools

Woodward Academy

Coalition of Temporary Shelter (COTS) Detroit


Shall we add your organization to our extensive list of clients?

The 2006 Cattle Baron's Ball Professional Auction Team
The largest & most prestigious auction event in the State of Michigan
Presented by Daimler-Chrysler & the American Cancer Society
Michigan State Fairgrounds
Detroit, Michigan


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Dear Mr. Lindsay:

I can hardly find the words to adequately express my genuine gratitude.  Your generous gift, of your time and talent, to the students of Woodward Academy was an unexpected surprise.  And, then when I heard the news regarding how much money was raised at our Parent Recognition Luncheon and Auction, I was simply amazed.  Our Woodward Academy family in now more enriched because of your skills as an auctioneer and to due the generosity of others who contributed with your gentle prompting. (Smiles!) 
I have already heard many positive comments and accolades about our auction from both parents and staff.  And, those who were unable to attend are already asking whether this will become an annual event.  Not only was this an incredible fundraiser for our school, it also a whole lot of fun!  I have never seen our parents, staff and Board members so excited.

Thank you again for your unforgettable, generous gift.  It does not occur often enough in life that someone takes the time to share his time and talent with those who are less fortunate.  And, for this we are all truly grateful.

Kenny, you are the greatest!

Georgia Hubbard, PhD
Woodward Academy

"Ken's performance was remarkable! His enthusiasm was infectious along with his optimism and good humor. We simply could not have made a better choice."- Harry Baker, Girlstown Foundation

"Ken's professionalism, sparkling sense of humor, and vast knowledge were very well received and entertaining for our audience. He contributed greatly to increasing the bidding price for our live auction items, thus helping us earn more money for our playground." - Lindsey Smither, Principal, Lakes Elementary School

"...Prominent dealers and collectors have applauded Lindsay's efforts and called him a hero. The hobby needs more honest dealers like Lindsay who have the guts to go after the scam artist who are threatening the whole segment of the hobby." Bob Wimmer, National Columnist
(See the article here)

" a relatively short time you were able to pull together advertisements in key publications, send out more than 1,000 postcards to prospective bidders, create an auction video, conduct an extensive telephone campaign and generate substantial exposure on the Internet. Of course the crowning touch was the national publicity you generated with the press release ...............

"The attendance at the auction exceeded our expectations and the proceeds generated were in line with our estimates. It was particularly satisfying to see that the high value items consistently brought in as much or more than we anticipated, and that all items were liquidated. - Paul Cogley, ASA (Wychovia Bank Representative)

"Ken does a super job of presentation!"- Jerry Davie, Former Detroit Tigers pitcher

"You guys were great! I have never seen an auctioneer work the crowd so hard like you did."- Nancy Mooney, St. Joseph Parish, Howell, Michigan

"I didn't get a chance to talk with you at the end of the auction last week! We had a great time...and you did a great job! We raised $3,000 that I know we could have not done with out you! Thanks for your assistance and I bet we will see you again next year."- Kim Spinelli, Vice President, National City Bank (Brighton Chamber of Commence Luncheon)

"Mr. Lindsay,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your part in making our first auction a great success. Many of our guests had never attended an auction and your easy and approachable manner, humor, and professionalism allowed everyone to have a comfortable and fun experience while contributing to the overall financial success of our school.

I also thought you should know how appreciative we were for your handling of our guests. As a Christian school it was a step of faith to "trust" you with a microphone in front of our parents, teachers, students, and friends of our school.

We are so thankful for the people that approached Lisa Rance (Vanna) and myself to express how much they enjoyed your skill and humor and wanted to know if you would be back again next year!

Thanks again and may God bless you with health and wisdom."

-Kent Darcie, Director of Development and Finance, Macomb Christian Schools

April 16, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter to recommend the services of Kenny Lindsay and the American Eagle Auction & Appraisal Company.  As part of the logistics committee for a fundraising event for the Junior League of Ann Arbor, I had the pleasure to work with Mr. Lindsay for our live auction.   His pre-event advice was excellent, he was flexible and very knowledgeable.  The night of the event, Mr. Lindsay and his crew were prompt and professional.  His auctioneering skills get the highest marks from us.   He was fun, lively and judged the room well.  We raise a substantial amount more at the auction because of Mr. Lindsay and his crew than we would have otherwise. 

I highly recommend the consulting and auctioning services of the American Eagle Auction & Appraisal Company.

Thank you,

Carly Stevens
Junior League of Ann Arbor

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Just one of many customer testimonial letters we have received.




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