How to Pack things properly when you move

Don’t regret spending money on packaging materials. First place in the list of packing materials is won by vacuum packets from which air is sucked away by the vacuum cleaner. Packets many times will reduce the number of pillows, blankets, clothes (especially upper). Vacuum packets are delivered in different sizes. There are even options with a coat hanger — directly in such type, it is possible to pack jackets, raincoats, and coats. However, if you do not want to get concerned about these details better use Socalmoving services.

The second useful invention — a cardboard case. Use it pack clothes that do not need to be stored in a special way.
The third — a packaging film. It makes a sense to buy in a large amount if you transport ware, furniture with glass panels, crystal chandeliers.

Count how many boxes for things, books and other are required to you, and then order at least half more than necessary. The same concerns an adhesive tape and ropes. The ordinary person isn’t capable to estimate the amount of the things at 99% of cases adequately. And the packaging container, alas, can not always be purchased in the shop (most cheaper, by the way, is to order it in online stores of packaging and on the websites of the companies helping with moving).
Number boxes
Marker and notebook are your best friends. Number boxes, in a notebook, make the inventory of content. Do the inventory to the most detailed. Put down figures at least on three parties of a box. Number not only boxes one after another but also the importance of content. Mark fragile with the huge exclamation mark (from above to put nothing, not to overturn a box).
Also, don’t forget to do marks in the same list when unpacking. Especially if new furniture intends for storage of old things. So you will be sure that everything is safely transported.

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