iRobot Roomba 650 – Best Robot Vacuum in 2018

Recently I’ve been lucky to test the iRobot Roomba 650 and now it’s the thing I love the most in my house. If you are in search of a robot vacuum cleaner with the best correlation “price = quality”, I suggest you take a closer look at the best and most sold model Roomba 650.
It comes in handy for those who do not enjoy cleaning or simply don’t have enough time. Besides, it is able to reach some tough places and gather more garbage. IRobot Roomba 650 – best robot vacuum in 2018 because of its intelligent programming and advanced features. It works with various types of floors because it uses the highly efficient cleaning protocols to achieve the best results.
The advantages of getting precisely this model include its most important features like iAdapt navigation system, three stages of cleaning protocol, a cleaning schedule and its ability to self-charge.
Why choose the iRobot Roomba 650?
A number of built-in sensors help the gadget navigate around your home and prevent getting stuck or damaging things. It is thin enough to go under sofas and furniture and can clean where you are not usually able to. IAdapt navigation allows creating so-called landmarks using the visual localization technology. That’s how the vacuum knows where it has finished and which spots are still waiting. A ledger sensor detects stairs to prevent it from falling down.
Three-stage cleaning protocol ensures the best results and makes the model stand out from the regular vacuums. It picks up pollen, fur, and other particles, brushes them and applies suction to keep the floor clean.
This robot vacuum can be set up in a number of ways meaning the owner chooses a schedule (define specific hours, days and weeks). Then it becomes completely autonomous and will operate by itself without any intrusions. It cleans the room and returns to recharge. There will be only one thing for you to do – empty the dust bag on a regular basis. Wi-Fi connection allows you to manage it with the app and monitor the cleaning status anytime.
The AeroForce is a cleaning system, which makes the vacuum adapt to different kinds of floors. It’ll be efficient on the tile, laminate, hardwood and thin carpets. The motor increases or decreases the suction power in order to adjust.
IRobot Roomba 650 is a bright example of a perfect robot vacuum cleaner on the market.

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