More personal attitude by Gorillaz in “The Now Now”

The cartoon band Gorillaz returned after a 6-year pause with their album Humanz. A lot of songs here focused the attention on the Damon Albarn’s vocal. There are eleven songs in the release, and only three of them are made by featuring with other artists.

Personal and lyrical album

The album “The Now Now” turned out to be much more compact than the previous release. Apparently, the leader of the band Damon and his team took into account previous mistakes and decided to be more selective in compiling the track list. The number of invited guests was also reduced to a minimum. The album has 11 songs, and three of them are recorded together with Jamie Principle, George Benson, and Snoop Dogg.

You can listen download music on to make your own opinion about this and many other releases. New album of Gorillaz is released unexpectedly quickly – just a year after the previous release. The album was recorded right during the tour, and the length of the record is twice less than last album “Humanz”. There are a lot of funk tracks on the album and almost no invited guests. In addition, the permanent bassist of the band Murdoch is also absent here. According to the story he was behind bars during the recording. All this just gives more interesting facts to the background of the album. In preparation for the release, two videos on the tracks “Humility” and “Hollywood” were published. The release turned out to be more personal and thoughtful compared with the previous works of the band.