Push notifications: More than just monetizing traffic

Push notifications are small pop-ups on the screen of your device. They can appear on the screen of any device. Find out how to monetize traffic using push notifications and why this can be done not only by website owners but also by any arbitrator who works with traffic.

About push notifications

Push notifications are browser notifications on the desktop or mobile, with text, banner, or icon.

You should use push monetization to monetize traffic for the following reasons:

  • Push ads are an unobtrusive advertising format that does not take place on the landings, but it will be noticed by the user.
  • All advertising is categorized, which means that your subscribers will receive only that content that is relevant to their interests.
  • The format does not need complicated configuration, and anyone can work with it, but, at the same time, it brings a huge profit. The latest studies showed that the users’ loyalty to the push ads is only increasing and they unsubscribe much less than 2 years ago.
  • Push ads are a lifelong and stable income, as well as traffic return and its monetization with a push service.

Monetizing traffic

Simply place the code on your website or on the landings and start collecting subscribers.

Available payment models include CPM by revshare model or CPS with a subscription fee.

CPM (revenue share) is the price for 1,000 displays of advertising to the user. The income is gained until the user can unsubscribe from receiving the ads.

CPS (cost per subscription) – according to this model, the profit is generated from each user subscription on the push notification.

Advantages of the CPM model include:

  • You continue to earn for a long time, even if for some reason the traffic on the site has decreased.
  • Higher average revenue per subscriber.

Advantages of the CPS model include:

  • Revenue is credited immediately after the user has agreed to receive push notifications (clicked on the Allow button).
  • Your earnings are insured against other people’s mistakes. Even if some advertiser did not do enough creative work and received a low CTR (and, as a consequence, fewer users click on his ads), you already received income for the very fact of subscription.
  • You can earn even on websites with a small amount of traffic. You will receive a profit for just one click of the user, which means – instantly.

If you want to get the most out of the subscriber base you collected and multiply your profit, use the push-service:

  • Distribute content updates or offerings
  • Return traffic back to the landing
  • Monetize it

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