Where to store medications at home?

Bring the packaging from the pharmacy, take her place:
1. On the bottom shelf of the refrigerator door – if indicated “store in a cool place”, “store at a temperature of 8-15 degrees”;
2. On the top shelf of the refrigerator door – if indicated “from 2 to 5 degrees”, “from 2 to 8 degrees” (cold place). This temperature distribution (the higher, the colder) occurs in most household refrigerators, where the evaporator is located on top.
3. In the medicine cabinet located as recommended above – if indicated “at room temperature” (in the translation from “pharmacy” – 18-22 degrees), “at a temperature of up to 25 degrees” (some drugs “stand” up to 30 degrees).
Observe the storage temperature, do not overdo it: many drugs do not tolerate freezing. Therefore, the balcony, unheated dacha and freezer – will not work. Buying viagra online australia pay attention to the storage temperature.
Ideally – as in a pharmacy
Home storage conditions for medicines should be as close as possible to pharmacy and factory. In addition, remember the safety precautions, so pay attention to the following aspects:
1. Saved packaging. Medicines should not be shifted from factory packages (blisters, cans, boxes, bags, bubbles).
2. Be sure to store the drugs together with the instructions. For forgetful patients, it is useful to make inscriptions on boxes.
3. For those who use tablets: keep the tablet in whole pieces of the blister, if it is provided. So you additionally protect them from dust, moisture, light. The compartment for medicines should be tightly closed.
4. Dressings should be kept separate from medication, in a dry place. Also, separately store rubber products (heating pads, Esmark mugs, syringes). Rubber is better to hang on hooks or hangers and watch that it is not affected by the sun and excessive heat from the batteries.